Elite Yoga Cyclist Program

Elite Yoga Cyclist Program

5 Seasons

The Method has been developed from Yoga and Pilates
The Fusion delivered by Clare will open your mind body connection through the nervous system to give future, current or past athletes an understanding of how to get the best out of there body for all aspects of life.

Start with the Essential Core Series to learn the Yoga language. Then Progress to the Essential Hips, Cyclist Yoga and Targeted Strength Programs.
All of the programs are to be undertaken regularly and should always be returned to; as your ability increases the repetitions will also increase.
You will feel the results immediately as you begin to understand recruitment and activation learnt during the sessions that can be taken to your passion sport and improve performance.
Elite Yoga Cyclist Program
Essential Core 1
Essential Core 2
Essential Core 3
Essential Hips 1
Essential Hips 2
Essential Hips 3
Cyclist Yoga 1
Cyclist Yoga 2
Cyclist Yoga 3
Cyclist Strength 1
Cyclist Strength 2
Cyclist Strength 3

Elite Yoga Cyclist Program
  • Essentail Hips 1

    Episode 1

    Train with Clare in this the first of three hip strengthen exercises

  • Essential Hips 2

    Episode 2

    Train with Clare in this the second of three hip strengthen exercises

  • Essentail Hips 3

    Episode 3

    Train with Clare in this the third of three hip strengthen exercises